Villarentturkey: Чому Котеджі?

Villa rentals are the fastest growing segment of the travel industry, as more and more travelers choose villas for advantages that they won't find elsewhere. Simply put, a villa rental is the ultimate private vacation experience.

  • Villas offer more space, privacy and comfort than hotels – great for families
  • Villas offer all the services your clients can dream of, just for their group
  • Vacations can be customized by a personal concierge
  • Villas are a better value – your clients spend less but get more
  • Thousands of vacation possibilities – beach, ski, history, urban, etc.

In the form of a vacation cottage rental in our country for many years.
In general, long-term (seasonal rental) in the summer with short-term vacation rental homes, this allows you to make thanks.

Villa holiday rental villa that is definitely not a timeshare vacation.
Think of it as their holiday in the same hotel. Holiday villa, holiday home, villa rental or holiday cottage rental can describe the type, which are made in Europe for many years is a form of a holiday. This alternative form of vacation, in the form of your daily hire (usually at least 1 week is possible to rent) means rent a holiday home.

Holiday villa holiday is unique.
Subject to any restrictions, such as in hotels yadada without the necessity of a certain time interval is entered but truly original holiday buffet queues means. It goes on vacation, such as a hotel bavulunuzu receive your selected rental villa or rental yazlığa come. All necessary materials are available in the kitchen of the house, but home cooking is not to say villa rental.

Villa vacation request also the freedom to eat wherever you want.
Sometimes you get the local market with fresh ingredients, cook your spouse and your children give up kasabından tastes, some days at the port from the fish or meat in a restaurant, sometimes arbitrary, also rental villas and rent a summer barbecue on the terrace in our homes every week, fresh linen and hand towels are available team. If desired, an additional fee for any number of counterpart can set sheets and towels.

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