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Will there be any cost charged rather than total price?

No. The total price you see consists of the rental fee for the searched period, electricity, gas and water costs occurring while your stay, final cleaning, weekly clean sheets and hand towels. You will only pay a  200,00 £ (500,00 Turkish Liras) deposit while arriving to house where you will be paid the whole amount back at your departure if there is no big harm done to the house.

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What does the house capacity refer to?

This number states the maximum person that can stay in that house. In some houses there are available accommodations for 1-2 people to sleep in living room where these additional sleep availabilities are included to this capacity number.

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Does it also include electronically devices when the house is stated as fully furnished?

Yes, all our houses are fully furnished. All the houses have refrigerator, the rest of the electronically devices are listed in the house's information page. As addition all houses have sufficient kitchen equipments to cook and eat for capacity number of person.

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Does a house have bed sheets and towels?

Yes our houses have clean sheets and hand towels, one pair of each pro week pro person. There are no bathing towel and beach towels in the houses.

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In what hours can we arrive and depart from the house?

Arrival hour to our houses is 16:00 and the departure hour is 12:00. If there are no departure on the arrival day of your holiday or there are no new arrivals on the departure day then there MIGHT be some arrangements done for the time of arrival and departure with the knowledge of the house owner.

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How will I proceed with a booking?

If there are more than 30 days before your arrival date, you pay the 25% of the rental fee as booking reservation price via money transfer (EFT). With this payment we send you a booking confirmation sheet and a payment sheet about your payment. The rest of the payment (75% of the rental fee) should be paid 30 days before the arrival date. After that we send you the voucher and the rest details about your house. If there are NOT more than 30 days before your arrival date, you have to pay the whole rental fee at once via money transfer (EFT)

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